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Parents Say…
“My child needed to learn guitar to prepare for college music studies. He had a good time at Guitar Arts and fell in love with the instrument. He was able to test out of some of the required classes in college for both guitar and theory. He still plays now as an adult.

As a parent, I appreciated the experienced instructors at Guitar Arts and the community environment that they fostered.”
Jamie Falcon; Spring, Texas

“Mrs. Cannon has always shown genuine interest in her students. She is nurturing and patient with them.”
Tina P; Houston, Texas

“Andrea has taught my child guitar for the last 3 years. I have seen him progress in his knowledge and enjoyment of the instrument. I attribute this to the superior training provided by Andrea.”
Heather Farrell; Kingwood, Texas

Students say…
“I just want to say thank you very much for everything you've taught me! I aced my theory and musicianship classes at school and people that were in choir throughout high school were having a hard time.

So, keep up the ear training and theory info and everyone will eventually thank you! I seriously never realized how much I learned from you!

Since I was home schooled, I missed out on a lot of music skills that people obtained in high school programs, but the couple of years that I took guitar taught and confirmed so much and helped me tremendously! So thank you very much and you can use my success story to the younger musicians if you want!”
Becky Simon, Home School, Class of 2003, Dallas Baptist University, 2007 (BA, Music and Ministry)

“When I was six years old, I told my mother that I wanted to play ‘shock guitar.’ Soon thereafter I met Andrea. She has been a mentor and a friend since that time. Classical guitar has been an integral part of my life, and I don’t think I will ever stop playing completely. And it’s thanks to you. Thanks for putting up with me. I’ll always keep in touch.”
James Trevino, Class of 2011, Langham Creek High School

“I have been taking lessons from Andrea since I was eleven years old. I am now nineteen with roughly eight years of classical guitar under my belt. I realize that I am not what a lot of teachers think of as an ideal student. With that aside, Andrea has been incredibly understanding and laid back with how I am. Andrea has not only been a teacher to me but a friend as well. I cannot thank her enough for that.”
Maxwell Miller, Class of 2012, Home School

“I have so much to say, but just know that you gave me the second best gift after my birth from my mother. I'm not exaggerating in the least. Music has always been my love. I have a picture of you giving me a lesson that is enlarged, framed and sits right above our stereo in the studio. That picture, with your permission, will be included in the liner notes of our first all-original CD release that my partner Lou and I are hoping to finish writing and recording for release next spring/summer. We call ourselves COYOTE.

“We created and produced the Outer Banks OPRY along with Molasses Creek, a local band-made-good on Prarie Home Companion, etc. We play in the Opry down here on Ocracoke Island, in restaurants, clubs, weddings, making a living and having a ball. We are very involved in the music at church too.

“And it's ALL because of YOU. Thanks for giving me the gift that has literally saved my life over and over.”
Marcy Brenner, Ocracoke Island, North Carolina

Colleagues say…
“I have had the pleasure of judging Andrea's students twice and am amazed at the poise, solid technique, and beautiful musicality from her students. In my opinion, she is the greatest guitar educator in the city of Houston and one of the best in Texas.”
Valerie Hartzell-Nejako, Classical Guitarist and Director of 'Classical Minds' Festival

"I have known Andrea Cannon as a high-level teacher, superb musician and small business owner and manager for several years. Her passion for teaching and deep knowledge of childhood education is evident in her highly successful programs as a Suzuki Guitar Teacher and Trainer and as a nationally sought-after educator and musician. Her young students represent a uniquely vibrant and highly motivated group of performers capable of bringing the House down in any concert. I can recommend her professionally and personally without reservation."
Ricardo Cobo, classical guitarist, professor at Universizty of Nevada, Las Vegas

"On two occasions at the Guitar Foundation of America annual conventions, I have heard Ms. Cannon’s top guitar quartets perform. Some of her students had studied with her for 7-12 years and were clearly among the nation’s top teen-age classical guitarists. I personally think Ms. Cannon is currently the Nation’s Number One expert on Suzuki guitar. Her studio has turned out some of the finest young classical guitarists not only in the state of Texas, but in the nation."
Bill Swick; Guitar Instructor and Music Department Chair at the Las Vegas Academy of Performing Arts
Guitar Task Force Chair for the Clark County School District

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