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Sukuki Baby MusicThe Suzuki Early Childhood curriculum is the only music course for children based on the highly successful Suzuki Method of music teaching.  Through Suzuki Method, parents and children have enjoyed success with instrumental music study for over 40 years.

The Suzuki Curriculum is designed to develop the whole child mentally and intellectually by using musical concepts combined with reading and activities that strengthen vocabulary.  No other children's music course is built exclusively on these proven successful concepts. 

Suzuki Early Childhood Music Classes are programmed for children birth through the 3rd year and parent to attend together.  Through playing instruments (mostly percussion), singing, nursery rhymes, circle-songs and reading, the curriculum is designed to give young children a broad exposure to music as well as vocabulary development, social skills and increased mental focus.

Children who attend 'Baby Music' class for most of their first three years usually have above-average vocabulary and focus when they graduate our class.

2-Month Old Baby has his First Music Class

Suzuki Early Childhood classes are taught by a team of two teachers. Our instructors receive special training in Suzuki Early Childhood methods and are registered with the Suzuki Association of the Americas.

“If a parallel is drawn between music and spoken language, then it is indicated that the presence and quality of the musical environment before the age of two is of the utmost significance in the development of auditory processing skills…”
- Musical Origins an article by Professor Sheila Woodward, University of Capetown, South Africa

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